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Oles Morrison

ICYMI: Webinar – President Biden’s New Directions for Government Contracting

By on February 14, 2021 | Posted in News

In case you missed the webinar, President Biden’s New Direction for Government Contracting, you can access the slides here.

Watch the entire webinar:

About this webinar:

Whenever a new administration comes in, especially if it is of a different political party, new contracting directions and emphasis will occur. Which of the Trump administration contracting policies will remain, be strengthened, or eliminated by the Biden Administration, and what will replace them?

This webinar will focus on the likely, the probable, and the certain changes to occur – especially in:

  • Labor and Employment,
  • Small Business,
  • Buy American,
  • Cyber security,
  • Infrastructure, and
  • The “Beyond Apollo” Research and Development Plan.