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Ryan Gilchrist will Lead Two Training Sessions on Liens and Bonds at ABC of Western Washington

Wed Mar 4, 2020

Ryan Gilchrist will lead two training sessions on Liens and Bonds through ABC of Western Washington at their Bellevue and Federal Way locations this month. Liens and bonds are relevant to all contractors and this training will touch on both private and public lien statutes and claims.   Topics include: Private lien statute, legislature and courts review, lien statute, parties entitled to protection, notices, recording the lien, lien requirements, amount of the lien, enforcing the lien, attorney fees and costs, owner defenses and  remedies, public works contracts, lien claim against retainage, and claim against the bond.

You do not have to be an ABC member to attend.

Register for March 11 Here.

Register for March 18 Here.