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Women in Construction Week 2021

Fri Mar 12, 2021

As we close out Women in Construction Week for 2021, it is clear that incredible change is happening right before our eyes, in the construction industry, and in the larger global community. Statistically, we have made some terrific progress with more women in the construction industry than ever before. But we still have some key areas where true progress eludes us: C-suite leadership roles, income disparity, and recognition that we are far more capable than even our strongest champions within the industry even know. The construction industry needs more women in leadership roles. This is a fact. How we support one another in meeting this objective will decide how quickly we can achieve this goal. While the past year has given so many of us cause to reflect, to grieve, to reinvent ourselves, and to hopefully wonder what the future has in store for us, our wellspring of strength has yet to be tapped. Women in the construction industry are here to stay, but much more than that, they are here to strive, to lead, and to change the industry as it evolves in new directions every day. In the words of the inspirational American author Octavia Butler, “There is no end to what the living world will demand of you.” Women are up to facing challenges. As long as we face them together, there is no stopping us. I am humbled to be surrounded amazing female partners at Oles Morrison who inspire me and support our construction industry clients every day. As we celebrate 2021 Women in Construction Week, on behalf of all of my colleagues at Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker, we wish all of you continued success in your professional and personal endeavors.

Angelia Wesch, Partner,