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Oles Morrison

Owners, developers, contractors and subcontractors look to Oles Morrison for comprehensive legal counsel on a wide range of matters related to running a successful business. From corporate entity formation and buy-sell agreement preparation to commercial real estate transactions and real property disputes, our experienced attorneys and consultants offer business and real estate counsel on a wide range of issues relating to construction, real estate development, licensing, and a variety of other commercial transactions. Our team uses its deep knowledge and experience garnered through its extensive involvement in the construction industry to help clients navigate the legal issues that arise throughout the multiple stages of their business life cycle – formation, growth, expansion, maturity and exit. We work with you to protect your most important asset, your business.

Today’s business environment for companies in the construction industry is increasingly complex presenting an array of legal issues that if not properly addressed can lead to numerous issues that decrease the potential value of an organization and/or endanger its future operations. Our business law practice regularly advises clients in the construction industry on business law issues such as:

  • Selection of a suitable business entity – Limited Liability Company (LLC), C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship – including structuring ownership, operating and management agreements to maximize business value, reflect short and long-term economic priorities and protect assets from future creditors.
  • Formations of joint ventures and/or partnership agreements to unify expertise and resources to pursue specific projects and/or business opportunities. This includes negotiation and drafting agreements and contracts with third parties, and managing and handling any issues that may arise from the agreement.
  • Preparing corporate documents, buy-sell agreements, and other business contracts to mitigate risk and protect from future damages and liabilities.
  • Representing parties in strategic acquisitions and mergers, as well as sales of businesses to ensure that it creates value for you and your organization.

We offer sellers, buyers, borrowers, real estate lenders, investors, property managers and landlords legal counsel on a vast array of real estate matters. Whether it is a single-building transaction or a large multi-use development spanning acres, real estate transactions have grown more challenging and complex. Keeping our client’s business goals top of mind, we provide counsel on the following real estate issues:

  • Advise clients on a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions, including acquisitions and sales of real property such as downtown and suburban office buildings, retail centers, industrial properties, residential multi-family developments, mixed-use developments, hotels and energy projects.
  • Conduct due diligence to identify risks associated with all types of commercial real estate transactions.
  • Draft and review purchase and sale agreements, deeds of trust, mortgages, leases, and related real property instruments to enable a smooth closing and protect from future liability.
  • Counsel clients on real estate improvements and/or industrial developments, ranging from minor adjustments to complex custom build-outs.
  • Litigate real property disputes when necessary, including claims of adverse possession, view and access easements and other right of way claims, unlawful detainer actions, breach of lease claims, and breach of contract claims on real estate purchase and sale agreements.

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