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Oles Morrison

Our role as legal counsel is to help clients to obtain favorable and final resolutions of their disputes in a prompt and cost-effective manner. Our team of experienced litigators guide clients through mediation, arbitration, and complex litigation using creative solutions while maintaining focus on client objectives.

We understand the high costs of trials in commercial disputes so we encourage clients to adopt policies and strategies that will avoid litigation when possible and expedite it when unavoidable. When alternative dispute resolution mechanisms are not available, our trial lawyers bring extensive experience in both bench and jury trials. We also place a high value on maintaining a positive professional role in the legal profession, and our partners have taken leading roles in both national and international professional associations.

Clients look to us for pragmatic solutions, assistance in mitigating litigation costs and a proven track record of success. We strive to meet these expectations while also keeping up with evolving technologies that govern the assembly, organization, and discovery of electronic documents that have become standard on complex commercial transactions. Our most senior attorneys have decades of experience navigating through complex commercial litigation matters and place a high value on collaboration with our client’s in-house attorneys in order to optimize our legal efforts and maximize overall cost efficiency.

Some examples of commonly litigated transactions include:

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC): Drawing on our broad experience in all aspects of the UCC, we help our clients find the right course of action to take when a dispute arises under the UCC.
  • Licensing and distribution agreements: We frequently litigate licensing and distribution matters under state and federal law in a number of state and federal jurisdictions on behalf of our clients. This includes handling all issues that arise in the distributor/dealer relationship including, expansion, renewal and termination.
  • Purchase and sale agreements: Purchasing or selling a business or property is a major transaction that can cause disputes and disagreements. Our team is experienced at handling these fact-intensive purchase and sale agreement cases in an efficient manner to obtain the most favorable outcome on behalf of our clients.
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes: Whether it is a breach of shareholder fiduciary duty, conflict of interest, dissolution dispute, violation of a shareholder agreement, financial mismanagement or trade secret infringement, partnership and shareholder disputes can be costly and detrimental to the future of an organization. Our team is equipped to represent your interests in partnership and shareholder disputes in court while keeping your business and financial concerns top of mind.
  • Fraud: We represent clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations and their insurers on fraud in business transactions and contracts and fraudulent practices, such as breach of contract, bribery and corruption, fraudulent concealment, intentional misrepresentation and embezzlement.
  • Business torts: Our team handles all the issues that typically arise from commercial disputes, including tortious interference, unfair competition and commercial defamation. We are known for our attention to detail, courtroom prowess and track-record of success obtaining favorable verdicts in business tort litigation on behalf of our clients.


Representative Matters

Commercial Litigation

Successfully defended plumbing contractor against trademark infringement suit. We obtained complete summary judgment in favor of our client, and then successfully defended that judgment on appeal.

Represented the members of a successful rock band in litigation over responsibility for injuries to those attending a large concert. The issues related to which party had contractual responsibility for safety of attendees and crowd control and behavior in the mosh pit as well as contractual indemnity questions.