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Oles Morrison

Doug Oles to Speak at Pacific Business & Law Institute “Construction Claims Disputes and Liability”

Thu Apr 14, 2011

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UBC Robson Square Vancouver, BC

In today’s construction market, conflicts are inevitable and often expensive. As the cost of litigation continues to escalate, a strong understanding of how to minimize and quickly resolve claims is essential to the bottom line.

Featuring some of Canada’s top experts in the field, this event will provide you with current, practical advice for addressing challenges related to liability and the resolution of construction claims.

For industry participants, our focus is to reduce your risk, decrease the amount you spend on legal fees, and ultimately improve your profitability.

For lawyers and risk managers, you will take away the latest on the law, an update on developments in the insurance industry, and tips that you can immediately apply to your practice.

This course will focus on several key areas of significant development from the past year:

  • An update on professional liability claims
  • Understanding the impact of the green movement, new design technologies and project structuring models
  • An update on tendering & procurement – what does Tercon really mean?
  • Risk allocation and insurance on construction projects – understanding the policies and project delivery methods
  • What are the ramifications of Progressive Homes? What are the implications for coverage on construction claims?
  • An update on delay claims: What is the new concurrent delay – time, money, both or neither?
  • Avoiding, making, and defending contractor claims
  • What are the pros and cons of arbitration, mediation and litigation? Considering time and expense, what is the best approach for your claim?