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Oles Morrison

Oles Morrison Supports the Beavers Charitable Trust

Tue Jul 29, 2014

Oles Morrison was recently recognized in The Beavers Charitable Trust’s 2014 Annual Report for helping the fund reach the $12,800,000 mark – the largest in the trust’s history.

A non-profit organization, the Beavers Charitable Trust’s mission is to support the future leaders of the heavy construction industry by awarding grants and scholarships to institutions of higher education in schools of civil engineering and construction management. The trust was started in 1977 through the foresight of the Board of Trustees of The Beavers, Inc. Oles Morrison has been supporting the trust since 2004 and is also an Associate Member of The Beavers.

Sam Baker, an Oles Morrison attorney, serves on the Board of Trustees of the Beavers Charitable Trust. He is the only attorney to hold the distinction of serving as a Director of the Beavers and Trustee of its Charitable Trust. In 2012, Sam was awarded the coveted Golden Beaver Award for Service and Supply.

Rob Leslie, another Oles Morrison attorney, is also an avid member of The Beavers and a long-time donor to the Beavers Charitable Trust’s Lamberson Memorial Fund. This fund is named after John Lamberson, a former Trustee of the Beavers Charitable Trust who exhibited a strong dedication to the construction industry. Oles Morrison, as a firm, is a Major Donor to the Beavers Charitable Trust and contributes to the Lamberson Memorial Fund as well.