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Partner Spotlight – Kevin McCarthy

Mon Aug 13, 2018

Our 125 years of success are a direct result of the hard work and support of our people. We want to recognize the people that make Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker what it is today and those that will impact the future of the firm. Each month, we will share a Partner Spotlight that not only highlights one of our partners but the biggest issues impacting the legal industry.

How long have you been practicing law?
I’ve been practicing law for 29 years, the last three at Oles Morrison.

How has the legal industry and/or your practice area evolved since you started practicing law? 
California has become its own world economy due to the tech boom. Housing and commercial construction have expanded to accommodate one of the world’s leading GNP economies, resulting in greater labor resources and material supplies. Construction law has become a specialized practice area with seasoned construction lawyers offering valuable legal advice to all those in the construction industry – general contractors, developers, subcontractors, engineers and architects.

What is one legal trend your clients should be paying attention to right now?
The economy is currently at an all-time high. Clients must plan for the inevitable slow down or “pull back” in growth in the coming 12-24 months.

What is your most memorable case? 
The Carter vs. Pulte Homes trial involved cutting edge law on contractual indemnity obligations and the relevance of insurance coverage for contractors. We prevailed in trial and now the matter is on appeal in the Court of Appeals. We expect to see some new law created based on our prevailing statue in a California state court trial.

Click here for more information about Kevin and his construction law practice.