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Oles Morrison

Women Leaders in Construction Gather at Oles Morrison

Wed Jul 31, 2013

The women attorneys of Oles Morrison recently hosted a networking gathering for women leaders involved in the construction industry.

The participating women, hailing from several states along the West Coast, represented all facets of the construction industry, including contractors, engineers, accountants, experts and attorneys. The participants were eager to meet new peers, from executive level leaders to women just entering their respective fields. There was a clear sense of relief that this group had been founded by Oles Morrison and several guests noted that nothing comparable currently exists in the male-dominated construction industry.  

Oles Morrison attorney, Meghan Douris, joined other women attorneys at the firm in hosting the event. “Though more and more women are entering professions in the construction industry, they are still a significant minority compared to men,” said Douris. “Women professionals appreciate the opportunity to discuss a range of important issues with their female peers.”

The Women Leaders in Construction group will meet several times throughout the year for both networking and educational purposes, as well as form an online network to share resources and stay connected. To get involved in the group, please contact Meghan Douris.